This Permaculture for Food Sovereignty training, facilitated by Afristar Foundation’s Lindsay Dozoretz for Catholic Relief Services Ziguinchor office, was a basic introduction to applied permaculture in the Senegalese context, with a particular emphasis on sustainability on a local level, and on building the capacity of beneficiaries to achieve self-sufficiency in regards to food production.

The training focused on methods for intensifying food production and prolonging the primarily rainfall-dependent growing season, through soil building, effective water management and comprehensive design and planning.

The training covered the following themes: Local Impact of Global Environmental Challenges; Permaculture Principles, Theory and Approach; Methods of Site Analysis; Water Management Principles & Techniques; Basic Ecology; Introduction to Soils, Soil Management and Rehabilitation; Sustainable Agriculture Theory and Practical Application, Integrated Pest Management, and Designing for Sustainability.

As the first such training in Senegal, the training content generated a great amount of discussion and enthusiasm, and participants exhibited a high level of engagement and participated actively throughout the training. The training marked the initiation of a program rollout in the Casamance, and along with covering the content listed above, also achieved the following goals:

  • Creation of three Site Maps & Permaculture Designs for the CRS Bureau in Ziguinchor
  • Initiation of a local permaculture demonstration site, at the homestead of CRS employee Felix Manga in Ziguinchor
  • Preliminary assessment of beneficiary household in Simbandi Balant
  • Development of a basic Action Plan for initial phase of program

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