The Greening Mamelodi Programme initiated the first large-scale, community-wide planting of trees both for private homes as well for public facilities: libraries, clinics, police stations, schools, and public open spaces.

Community Foresters were trained on how to properly plant and care for trees, as well as the many social, economic and environmental benefits of trees.  Community members were also introduced to other urban environmental issues such as waste management, recycling, and water conservation. Over 20,000 trees while Afristar was actively involved in developing and implementing this programme that included building the Community Connect Nursery to supply trees for future greening programmes in the district.

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At Afristar, we understand the complexities of the African environment and specialise in  restoration and resiliency solutions for each unique situation. We have developed cutting-edge and environmentally-focused strategies to help mitigate the effects of poor land use practice.

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