Day to day operations of the organisation are coordinated by the Strategic Director. Project teams are assembled on a project specific basis.

Great effort is expended in the planning and design stage of projects to set clear aims & objectives that allow the team to set their own goals and key performance indicators so as to develop self-managing, self-motivated teams. Managements core focus is on maintaining the core focus of the project, meeting deadlines, mentoring personnel, financial administration and communications. Operations are overseen and supported by an independent Board of Directors.
Transkei eco village



  • To develop local economic strategies for the eradication of poverty that utilize indigenous knowledge systems and demonstrate environmental ethics in practice.
  • To initiate and support the process of establishing a vibrant, socially conscious, economically viable and environmentally sustainable culture.
  • To address environmental challenges in order to safeguard our natural heritage as well as to ensure the prospect of a healthy tomorrow
  • To build institutional capacity and empower communities with the skills, knowledge and motivation to build a sustainable future


  • To educate, train, and engage the people of Southern Africa in the development of sustainable models for ecological human settlement and local economic development that facilitate the ethics of care of people and care of the Earth.
  • To promote and demonstrate sustainable solutions to everyday problems that can be implemented by anyone, anywhere.
  • To catalyze a transformation: from a world of scarcity, poverty and conflict, to a world of abundance, prosperity and peace.


As an NGO with a strong commitment to principles of good governance,
Afristar aims to:

  • Exercise precision and transparency in accountability to stakeholders
  • Promote the highest professional and ethical standards
  • Be responsible to the communities served
  • Exercise responsible resource management and mobilization
  • Always act in accordance with our mission
  • Conduct regular and stringent auditing and financial reporting

Let’s build a resilient society together

At Afristar, we understand the complexities of the African environment and specialise in  restoration and resiliency solutions for each unique situation. We have developed cutting-edge and environmentally-focused strategies to help mitigate the effects of poor land use practice.

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