Afristar has been advocating for rational scientific and common-sense cannabis policy since 1998 when Strategy Director Nicholas Heinamann co-published “Hemp the Economic Imperative”.

In ecological design thinking the cannabis plant fulfills numerous functions in a diverse ecosystem where specifically the deep tap roots bring nitrogen to the surface, the leaves fall off forming a mulch layer than protects the soil, the stalk and flower offer multiple potential opportunities to obtain a yield as a high value cash crop producing food, fibre, fuel and medicine. As such it plays an increasingly important role in any cultivated landscape.

Cannabis offers unprecedented opportunities for transcending the perception of scarcity, of competition and the historic conditioning that there is not enough to go around,  towards accessing a state of natural abundance that opens opportunities to plan for structural transformation of society based on cannabis as an economic driver to enable the regeneration of the rural fabric of society, to take us from social grants to empowered motivated committed citizenry working towards common goals that can radically transform the life of nearly half our people characterised as the rural poor.

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At Afristar, we understand the complexities of the African environment and specialise in  restoration and resiliency solutions for each unique situation. We have developed cutting-edge and environmentally-focused strategies to help mitigate the effects of poor land use practice.

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