The SA Cannabis Lobby Group is a partnership between the Western Cape branch of the Cannabis Development Council of South Africa (CDCSA) and Afristar Foundation.

Formed as an umbrella body represent civil society, to lobby parliament to raise awareness of the health and socio-economic potential of the cannabis plant, and to undo the legacy of 80 years of racist and scientifically baseless cannabis prohibition.

We are advocating for a rational scientific and agricultural based approach to cannabis legislation to benefit all South Africans. We envisage the plant playing an important role as South Africa’s primary reconstruction and development agent and put us at the forefront of the rapidly emerging global, multibillion-dollar cannabis industry.

Let's build a resilient society together

At Afristar, we understand the complexities of the African environment and specialise in  restoration and resiliency solutions for each unique situation. We have developed cutting-edge and environmentally-focused strategies to help mitigate the effects of poor land use practice.

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