Afristar has developed a set of Educational A2 poster resources to be used to educate children, the youth and communities around South Africa on specific aspects of sustainable livelihoods, food production, greening and land care.

The development of educational posters plays an important role in our communications strategy to educate the people of South Africa on how to utilise our available natural wealth in ways that are sustainable and that produce value for our communities.
Transkei eco village

To date, our environmental education resource development project has produced 21 posters and printed 250,000 that have been distributed around South Africa, on a number of topics.


The posters link to the curriculum to serve as educational resources for teachers wishing to establish “Outdoor Classrooms” and for communities wishing to establish viable organic gardening and food production programmes.

Posters are distributed to schools, clinics and community centres around the country through our network of Permaculture trainers, schools and community organisations, thus providing important environmental education on the walls of thousands of classrooms nationally.

Posters are available for purchase (link here) and download (link here). Posters purchases will help to support our vision and help us reach a wider audience with crucial skills to help create a sustainable planet, and an informed educated population that values and conserves our natural heritage.

Let's build a resilient society together

At Afristar, we understand the complexities of the African environment and specialise in  restoration and resiliency solutions for each unique situation. We have developed cutting-edge and environmentally-focused strategies to help mitigate the effects of poor land use practice.

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