How is Afristar Run?

Afristar is an independent not-for-profit company registered under South African law as a Section 18a Public Benefit Company NPO, governed by a Board of Directors.

Afristar is a sustainable development umbrella organization that uses permaculture as a guiding methodology to participate in sustainable development initiatives nationally and in the broader SADC region. Afristar is made up of a broad consultant base of experts and work partners who form project specific and task-appropriate teams and expert panels to implement programmes.

Currently, the Executive Director is Nicholas Heinamann.

Afristar Foundation headquarters are in Cape Town, South Africa.  Its role is to guide programming for projects running throughout South Africa’s provinces, as well as to liaise with international partners for programs in other parts of the African continent.

Afristar foundation directly raises funds for some projects and is involved as an Implementing Partner and Fundraiser for other projects.

To date Afristar has been involved with the fundraising, project development, planning and implementation for the following programmes:

Year Project Role Amount
2002 to date JNF Walter Sisulu Environmental Centre, Mamelodi Nicholas Heinamann Project Manager & Fund Raising R 8,502,367.90
2002 to date Mandela Park Peace Garden, Mamelodi Oversee, Train and Implement a Pensioners Food Garden in Mamelodi R 284,600.00
2004 to date Leshiba Community Development Trust Project Development & Implementation R 5,000,000.00
2004 to date Schools Environmental Education Development Project Development & Implementation Mentoring for the National Outdoor Classroom Programme R 4,698,457.00
2005 HP i Community Permaculture Medicinal Gardens Conceptualization, Development & Implementation R 87,650.00
2006 HP i Community Presidential Project Conceptualization, Development & Implementation R 50,000.00
2007 to date Afristar Strategies for a Green Future ~ MCAP Conceptualization and Development R 498,400.00
2007 Vhembe Biosphere Sustainable Development Expo Expo Conceptualization and Development R 60,000.00
2008 to date Mamelodi Greening Programme Design & Implementing a Tree Planting Programme for Mamelodi, City of Tshwane R 1,818,000.00
2009 to date Permaculture Educational Poster Project Conceptualization, Development and Distribution R 200,000.00
2009 to date Plan Africa Programme Administration R 185,248.00
2009 Threshold Foundation Promote Afristar Strategies for a Green Future R 115,933.50
2010 PermaKultcha Documentary Produce a Documentary on Permaculture in SA R 583,574.00
2009 Limpopo Dairies Operating expenses, Working capital and Posters. R 200,00.00
2009 Maharishi Invincibility Institute ~ Master Plan for Ezemvelo campus Stakeholder analysis and Permaculture Design R 150,000.00
2011 Food for Though and Power to the People documentaries Produce two documentaries on Schools Permaculture & Appropriate Green Technology in SA R 991,965.00
2012 Naledi Permaculture Resource Centre Develop a Permaculture Resource Centre in the Eastern Free State R 1,259,741.00


As an NGO with a strong commitment to principles of good governance, Afristar aims for the following:

  • To exercise precision and transparency in accountability to stakeholders
  • To promote the highest professional and ethical standards
  • To be responsible to the communities served
  • To exercise responsible resource management and mobilization
  • To, as a mission-based organization, act always in accordance with our mission
  • To conduct regular and stringent auditing, financial reporting and board meetings

Financial Reports:

Afristar’s Audited Financial Reports are available as a PDF download for the following years