What We Do

Afristar Foundation nurtures partnerships to develop Eco Settlement projects or aspects thereof to meet South Africa’s Reconstruction and Development Agenda. This is achieved through innovative earth-based and people-based solutions that introduce sustainable livelihoodsoach to address the key issues of urban and rural land use management, design and restitution. Our commitment is to initiate and assist the process of establishing a vibrant, socially conscious, economically and environmentally sustainable culture.

Afristar uses permaculture methodology to address the need for sustainable alternatives to current strategies, and to promote a different approach to human lifestyle on the planet.

Afristar designs and implements sustainable development programs using permaculture as a guiding methodology. Working in a broad range of arenas and developing programs of different types and at different scales, Afristar supports the incorporation of sustainable practices into economic, social and political spheres. Through skills building, awareness raising, and on-ground change, Afristar strives to create the basis for a sustainable future based in an uncompromising ethic of care for the earth, care for people, and equal share among all.

Afristar Foundation Services: