Design and implementation of sustainable development programs using permaculture as a guiding methodology

projects & partners

Permaculture Poster Series

Afristar Foundation has developed a set of Educational A2 poster resources to be used to educate children, the youth and communities around South Africa on specific aspects of sustainable livelihoods, food production, greening and land care. The development … Full Story

Green Futures

The Marginalized Community Action Plan (MCAP), is a method for assessment, development and mobilization of available natural and social capital for sustainable community economic empowerment. In 2009, Afristar Foundation was funded to create an MCAP for the Mogolakwena … Full Story

Permaculture for Food Sovereignty

Ziguinchor, Senegal “Permaculture pour Souveraignete Alimentaire” This Permaculture for Food Sovereignty training, facilitated by Afristar Foundation’s Lindsay Dozoretz for Catholic Relief Services Ziguinchor office, was a basic introduction to applied permaculture in the Senegalese context, with a particular … Full Story


Afristar Foundation has received funding to embark on a project with a community group in the Free State – Bokomoso. The program aims to initiate a comprehensive sustainable development strategy for the rural community, incorporating elements of sustainable … Full Story

Environmental Murals

Afristar Foundation has conceptualized, designed and implemented several environmental murals on public surfaces to disseminate environmental message and call citizens to action. Afristar artist Bonita Edwards has skillfully created colorful and conscious displays to promote tree planting, urban … Full Story

Seed Bank

With every passing day, the vast biodiversity of our planet is being diminished.  Not only are many animal species facing the threat of extinction due to human encroachment on habitat as well as climate change, but plant genetic … Full Story

Plan Africa

Plan Africa is a network for connecting permaculture practitioners & sustainable farmers throughout Africa to share resources, raise discussions and collaborate towards a sustainable future.  Launched at the International Permaculture Convergence in Malawi in November 2009, Plan Africa … Full Story