Design and implementation of sustainable development programs using permaculture as a guiding methodology

mamelodi greening

Greening Program

Based out of the Walter Sisulu Environmental Centre (WSEC), the community outreach project known as the Mamelodi Greening programme has to date planted over 15,500 trees in people’s homes, schools, clinics and community centers. In partnership with WSEC, … Full Story

Importance of Urban Greening

Planting trees helps to create ‘green lungs’ in cities, which aid in the reduction of global warming, carbon emissions & the urban heat island effect.  Additionally, trees improve local air quality, increase water retention in township soils, create … Full Story

More Trees! And a Nursery!

In 2011, an additional 5,500 trees were planted by the Greening Mamelodi programme, expanding the initiative into Nellmapius Ward 18, and raising the total number of trees planted by the program to 15,500. With growing demand to continue … Full Story