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Cinema 4D Service Agreement

Maxon Cinema 4D Studio R19 is the complete 4D cinema package for advanced 3D graphics. C4D Studio has all the features of C4D Prime, Broadcast, Visualize and BodyPaint 3D and offers a complete set of tools for all 3D applications. The reliability of Cinema 4D also makes C4D Studio ideal for fast 3D productions. Maxon regularly releases free service packs for optimization with operating system and driver changes that contribute to continued reliability in demanding environments. As I understand it, it is not possible to extend it automatically. I will try to find the MSA agreement that I have agreed on. But something is wrong. I don`t know why you think your service contract doesn`t cover the upgrade, is it a matter of time? If your MSA is still good, you should get the free upgrade from 13 to 14. If we consider that the MSA is good for a year, if you bought the MSA with R13, you should receive a free upgrade. If you purchased an MSA before R13, like in July or August, your free upgrade was 12 to 13. I`m a little fuzzy, what the service contract brings me. 2. If you have an automatic extension (like me, but unlike US users apparently) and the termination took place less than three months before the date of the extension, the extension still takes effect.

This is because the termination of the MSA contract has a three-month advance clause. The extension is part of the MSA, if MAXON does not resign in time (three months before the expiry of the MSA), then the MSA is valid for one more year, you must pay the fee and MAXON must provide the agreed services for the whole year. Thereafter, the MSA will no longer be renewed and will expire definitively. For you, it will apparently be in October 2020. 1. During the period during which the MSA is still valid (i.e. until the initial termination, not at the time of termination), MAXON must provide you with the service included in the agreement, including support, license for a second installation (somehow unnecessary with the new system) and service updates. Your MSA is not suddenly invalidated by termination. MAXON cannot deprive you of the service for which you have paid. Maxon has yet to honor the original contract, however, as the MSA is a service contract and not a one-time purchase. This means two things: now the big question is which new versions this MSA still comes back to you.

Until this year`s changes, you will receive all service updates, including the big annual upgrade. ==== Paul Babb, head of global marketing at Maxon, understands that this could be a sore point for these new recent customers and says maxon “will definitely treat these younger customers on an individual basis” to get it right. Babb has always emphasized customer service and says he “hates leaving a reasonable customer unhappy.” We want to offer you the optional Maxon Service Agreement (MSA) as a perfect complement to your current cinema 4D or BodyPaint 3D version….

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