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Xmlspy License Agreement

Welcome to altova Legal Library, where you can find important software licensing agreements and other legal documents for simple reference. (c) Software activation. Directly and/or via altova LicenseServer, the software may use your internal network and Internet connection for licensing data transfer purposes at the time of installation, registration, use or update of an Altova Master License server, and to validate the authenticity of the licensed data, to protect Altova from unauthorized or illegal use of the software and to improve customer service. The activation is based on the exchange of licensed data between your computer, the Altova LicenseServer server, if used, and the Altova Master License Server. They accept that Altova can use these measures and agree to comply with all applicable requirements. They also accept that the use of license files not generated by Altova and legally obtained by Altova or an authorized reseller as part of the software`s activation or use efforts is contrary to Altova`s intellectual property rights as well as under this Agreement. They accept that efforts to circumvent or disable Altova`s copyright protection mechanisms, the licensing mechanism, the Altova LicenseServer server or the Altova Master License server are contrary to Altova`s intellectual property rights and under this Agreement. Altova expressly reserves the right to obtain all legal and fair remedies available to prevent such acts and to recover losses of profits, damages and costs. If the product you received with this license is a pre-marketing version or beta software (“Pre-software”), this section applies. In addition, this section applies to all evaluation and/or demonstration copies of the software (“assessment software”) and continues until a license is obtained.

To the extent that one provision in this section is at odds with another clause or condition of this agreement, this section replaces these other clauses and conditions relating to the draft version and/or the evaluation software, but only to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict. You acknowledge that preversion software is a preliminary version, that it is not a finished product of Altova, and that it may contain errors, errors and other problems that could result in system errors or other errors and data loss. THEREFORE, THE PREVERSION AND/OR EVALUATION SOFTWARE “AS IT IS” WILL BE TAKEN FROM YOU WITHOUT WARRANTY AND ALTOVA WILL DENY YOU ANY OBLIGATION OF GUARANTEE OR LIABILITY, EXPLICIT OR IMPLIED. WHERE LEGALLY LIABILITY CANNOT BE EXCLUDED FOR PRE-RELEASE AND/OR EVALUATION SOFTWARE, BUT IT MAY BE LIMITED, ALTOVA`S LIABILITY AND THAT OF ITS SUPPLIERS WILL BE LIMITED TO THE SUM OF FIFTY DOLLARS (USD 50) IN TOTAL. If the evaluation software has a timeout function, the software will stop working at the end of the indicated evaluation period. After the expiry date, your license expires unless it is renewed otherwise. Your license for using the expenses generated by the evaluation software and the program code generated (including unlimited source code) as Java, VB.NET The associated utility files and compilation scripts, as well as XML, XML, documentation, UML diagrams and generated database structures, automatically expire after the specified evaluation period, but the license to use such a release will be rewritten when you purchase a license that you have evaluated. Access to all files created with the evaluation software is entirely at your risk.

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