Design and implementation of sustainable development programs using permaculture as a guiding methodology

Rest in Peace Bill Mollison the Father of Permaculture 1928 to 2016

Rest in Peace Bill Mollison, the co-founder of the global Permaculture movement, an ecological design system that provides the framework for humanity to co-exist harmoniously with nature. He coined the term permaculture which has its roots in permanent culture or permanent agriculture providing the methodology to design systems of permanence that restore ecosystems and community wellbeing. A system based on nurturing and cultivating the core ethics of Care of the Earth, Care of People and Sharing the Surplus.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Mollison when he came to teach a Permaculture Design Course at Rustlers Valley in the Eastern Free State highlands in 1996, it was my responsibility to look after Bill and ensure that his needs were met. He arrived suffering with dengue fever, which didn’t set him back in the slightest, I would wake him at sunrise with a cup of coffee, he would sit up, light a cigarette and start talking. His wonderful varied life journey through many of the worlds indigenous people and alternative communities provided for rich story telling. I was delighted with stories of people, scientific experiments, free energy and perpetual motion from around the world that challenged the status quo of the day and brought hope for a more equitable loving world.

The last time I chatted to Bill was at the International Permaculture Convergence in Malawi, in 2009 where he skyped in and we could say hi and interact, he remembered who I was and asked about the projects & people that we had been working on in Southern Africa. Today permaculture is one of the world’s biggest self-funded, self-motivated, self-mobilized social movements spanning the globe. His certified 72-hour Permaculture design course is a system of training others to teach the principles and foundations of sustainable design.

One of the conversations that stayed with me was around funding permaculture projects in the USA in the 80’s when Bill was asked how to fund permaculture projects, he advocated growing cannabis which helped generate revenue for many of the early pioneers providing much needed funds for land and infrastructure and demonstrated one of the permaculture principles of obtaining a yield and harvesting from natures abundance.

Permaculture guru Bill Mollison.

Permaculture guru Bill Mollison.

Bill your contribution to the world is truly enormous and your legacy grows daily in an army of committed peaceful activists visibly demonstrating the foundations for humanities future to survive and thrive. You live on in my heart and in the hearts of many with the mantra that you signed in my Permaculture Designers manual 20 years ago ~ Great Abundance Natural Wealth. RIP Earth Warrior, Author, Protagonist, Humanitarian may your memory inspire a new world.

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