Design and implementation of sustainable development programs using permaculture as a guiding methodology

More Trees! And a Nursery!

In 2011, an additional 5,500 trees were planted by the Greening Mamelodi programme, expanding the initiative into Nellmapius Ward 18, and raising the total number of trees planted by the program to 15,500.

With growing demand to continue expanding this greening initiative, Afristar’s Nicholas Heinamann guided the construction of a the Community Connect nursery at the Walter Sisulu Environmental Center to supply future greening programmes in the township. The nursery operation is managed and run by community members, and eventually aims to supply 5000 of its own indigenous shade trees and plants per year into the urban reforestation projects, generating income and creating permanent jobs in urban forestry. This year, there are plans for 8,750 more trees to go in the ground.

Greening Mamelodi creates a partnership for sustainable urban development, and thus acts as a model for other townships to follow to transform their communities to greener, more livable places. By guiding the community in tree-planting, Greening Mamelodi seeks to both improve the quality of life for the people of Mamelodi as well as to increase civic pride in their community.