Design and implementation of sustainable development programs using permaculture as a guiding methodology

Light of Mercy Community Care Center

The Light of Mercy Community Center in Bodwe, Limpopo serves as a hub for community caregivers in the area. Acting as a multipurpose space, the center serves meals to school children, local orphaned and vulnerable children, and provides various types of support to people living with HIV/AIDs. In partnership with Afristar and the Leshiba Community Development Trust, the Centre was supported to implement a permaculture design on their grounds, augmenting local food and fruit production, as well as offering a model of productive, sustainable land use for the community.

Implementations at the Light of Mercy Community Care Center include a nursery, a ferro-cement water tank, water-harvesting swales and tree basins, a composting toilet, a solar cooker and rain-fed perennial systems for fertile and productive landscapes. In the future, the Center intends to host community permaculture trainings on various land use technologies and applications and to use their on-ground gardens to boost local food security and support the Center’s feeding initiatives. Ultimately, Light of Mercy wishes to become a model of best practice for the area.