Design and implementation of sustainable development programs using permaculture as a guiding methodology

Importance of Urban Greening

Planting trees helps to create ‘green lungs’ in cities, which aid in the reduction of global warming, carbon emissions & the urban heat island effect.  Additionally, trees improve local air quality, increase water retention in township soils, create natural and pleasant noise barriers, and add both aesthetic and economic value.  Planting trees also dramatically increases the biodiversity of urban areas, providing habitat for birds and small animals, and supplying fresh fruit and welcome shade to people in the community.

In a few years time, these trees will form a living, green, productive canopy where once was bare ground and concrete. The trees will provide much needed shade, will help to filter air of pollutants, and create a pleasant, resilient microclimate throughout the township.

Greening programmes encourage communities to take ownership over their own environment, and require residents to take action. The programme ultimately aims to enable a grassroots environmental ethic in the people of Mamelodi, planting a living legacy forest will provide shade and fruit for years to come.