Design and implementation of sustainable development programs using permaculture as a guiding methodology


Afristar Foundation has received funding to embark on a project with a community group in the Free State – Bokomoso. The program aims to initiate a comprehensive sustainable development strategy for the rural community, incorporating elements of sustainable land management, rural entrepreneurship, and local skill development.

The program will involve the following components: Training & Capacity Building, development and implementation of Water Infrastructure, local hosting of a Training Programme, design and establishment of a Nursery, design and construction of Community Eco-Village Accommodation, and several Land Use Implementation aspects addressing needs articulated and prioritized by the community during a Participatory Action Planning process undertaken in 2010.

The program aims to support the community in creating the building blocks for a viable rural economy that simultaneously demonstrates sustainable land management practices. Ultimately, this development model can be a demonstration for surrounding communities of how to create wealth by nurturing the existing natural resource base and maximizing latent social capital.