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Opra Non Professional Subscriber Agreement

A non-professional subscriber uses current options for the latest information sale and the latest options on the information offer for non-business personal use. Non-professional subscribers enter into a contract with an OPRA provider for the receipt of OPRA data and pay a vendor-set fee for the use of the data. Non-professional subscribers must meet criteria set out in an “addendum for non-professionals” that is attached to OPRA`s “Electronic Subscription Contract” and “Hardcopy Subscriber Agreement” forms (both available on the OPRA website under the “Agreements” tab). In general, a non-professional subscriber must meet the following criteria: OPRA accepts payments by cheque, ACH or bank transfer. Payments of cheques sent must include the return portion of the invoice so that the balances are applied to the correct account. ACH and wire payments should include customer number and bill number. The ACH/WIRE mailing address and payment instructions are on your OPRA invoice. Please send all payment or billing questions to transfer fees are the responsibility of the party that initiated the transfer. Customers should ensure that when making transfers to OPRA, the bank fee code is set at “OUR” instead of “SHA” or “BEN.” The code “OUR” instructs banks not to deduct, if necessary, the transfer fees of the payment to be sent. All bank transfer fees deducted from payments made by customers to OPRA result in underpayment of OPRA invoices.

These fees remain on the accounts as balance until they are paid by the customer/subscriber. A OPRA provider is busy disseminating “external” data disseminated by OPRA, i.e. to people outside its own organization. A OPRA provider may transmit or disseminate information disseminated by OPRA selectively or continuously and provide market data or consulting services or services regarding information that allow professional and non-professional subscribers, licensed suppliers and other authorized persons to access options information through an interrogation device or display device, vendor-provided circuits and/or “non-indicator devices.” Credit entities are required not to exclude information or be subject to further discrimination on the basis of the market in which a transaction took place or in which an offer was registered. Talk directly to an OPRA provider. The creditor provides you with a subscription agreement. The subscription agreement contains an “addendum for non-professionals.” Return the agreement made to the creditor. The provider reviews your agreement to determine if you qualify as a non-professional subscriber.

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