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Morgan Stanley Ira Custodial Agreement

Morgan Stanley Access Investing is a digital investment platform that helps you identify and invest in your financial goals, whether it`s investing in retirement, building wealth or saving for a bigger purchase. Morgan Stanley Access investment accounts are managed by Morgan Stanley. Since 529 plans are sponsored by a public or educational institution, an investment in a Plan 529 within Morgan Stanley Access Investing is not currently available. You can consider a 529 plan or any other exempt investment option separately. To learn more about 529 plans, click here. . . . Note: You are not allowed to open the Red IRA if your income exceeds a certain threshold. o We assume that your monthly deposits have been suspended. If you have monthly deposits in place, the projections are updated as soon as the money is deposited into your account. You can set up, stop or skip monthly deposits at any time.

To recommend an appropriate investment strategy, we use your investor profile along with other ad parameters and market assumptions described in the disclosure of important information. In addition to the goal you have chosen, you have also provided us directly with certain aptitude attributes such as age and risk tolerance. The Global Investment Committee proposes a set of asset allocation models for different risk profiles. They are 1 to 5 in a general progression of conservative risk profiles (Model 1) to moderate (Model 5). A more detailed description of each investment model can be found in the Morgan Stanley Access Investing ADV brochure. As a general rule, you have four options for your qualified retirement assets: we offer portfolio options based on your goals and preferences – you can focus your investments on your values, opt for a research-based strategy to maximize returns, or focus on reducing fees. An active and passive mix could be an appropriate strategy for some investors, while others prefer all passive investments because of their tax efficiency, lower premiums, dividend processing and more. For customers who want a fully digital way to pursue their goals, access investing is easy to use and is supported by Morgan Stanley`s intellectual capital and investment skills.

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