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Launch of the SA Cannabis Lobby Group

How do we put South Africa to work in a sustainable and regenerative way? Cannabis is the fastest growing employer in the USA, creating over 300,000 jobs in this rapidly emerging industry, offering the same possibilities for us in South Africa.

We have established the SA Cannabis Lobby Group; a partnership between the Western Cape branch of the Cannabis Development Council of South Africa (CDCSA) and Afristar Foundation.

Formed as an umbrella body represent civil society, to lobby parliament to raise awareness of the health and socio-economic potential of the cannabis plant, and to undo the legacy of 80 years of racist and scientifically baseless cannabis prohibition.

The SA Cannabis Lobby Group is advocating for a rational scientific and agricultural based approach to cannabis legislation to benefit all South Africans. We envisage the plant playing an important role as South Africa’s primary reconstruction and development agent and put us at the forefront of the rapidly emerging global, multibillion-dollar cannabis industry.

On 18 September 2018, the South African Constitutional Court ruled that the personal use of cannabis is not a criminal offence, and gave Parliament two years to rewrite cannabis legislation accordingly.

The SA Cannabis Lobby Group is raising awareness with parliamentarians on the numerous benefits of the cannabis value chain. Our Parliamentary lobby approach is to promote the holistic use of the cannabis plant based on creative regulation, to unlock the plants potential for the benefit of all.

Our creative approach to writing new laws are based on these lobbying themes;

  1. Industrial Cannabis / Hemp: (defined as cannabis with low THC) To be reclassified for commercial use. This would move regulation of the plant from the Department of Health to the Department of Agriculture. Effectively making it an agricultural commodity where it no longer requires special permits to be grown and returns the plant to a cash crop status.
  2. Cannabis for Medical Purposes: Ensuring access to cannabis for medicine and preventative health care for all those that seek to benefit from the healing attributes of the plant. To improve the efficiency of current legislation, motivating for research and development based on efficacy,  including indigenous knowledge and regional genetics to maximise South Africa’s competitive advantage.
  3. Responsible Adult Use – Expand the Constitutional Court ruling based on the right to privacy, to include the ability to cultivate, extract, process, manufacture and sell cannabis-based products for recreational use, along the same lines that alcohol and tobacco is currently regulated.
  4. Green Restoration: Cannabis users are not criminals, all criminal records for cannabis related crimes to be expunged with provisions for a social equity programme for victims of the pernicious “dagga act”. Developing proactive and empowering regulations to allow cannabis to restore the dignity of ordinary people, creating jobs for meaningful work to grow and manufacture their own, food, fibre, shelter and medicine in a green sustainable way.

Our aim is to engage the 6th Parliament of the Republic of South Africa to educate, create awareness and promote the enablement of cannabis legislation, with the aim of unlocking the full cannabis value chain and create new pathways for socio-economic development for all South Africans.

For additional information contact Ras Garreth Prince 0746366752 or email

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