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Dc First Source Agreement

(4) (A) Intentional violation of the employment contract or failure to submit the necessary report on compliance with rents in accordance with paragraphs 1, 1A, 1B or (1C) of this subsection or (1C) of this subsection, or to deliberately provide falsified data by imposing a fine of 5% of the total cost of direct and indirect work of the project or contract, in addition to other penalties provided for by law. Developers, general contractors and subcontractors working in the District of Columbia should exercise caution before entering into certain construction-related service delivery agreements. The District of Columbia Workforce Intermediary Establishment and Reform of First Source and Living Wage Amendment Act of 2011, commonly known as the amended First Source Act, is the last law passed by the District to reduce unemployment and increase the city`s tax base. Source: (B) Collective agreements should not be used as the basis for waiving this requirement. TSG has partnered with DC`s Employment Services Department to create a unique opportunity to help businesses meet their first-source obligations. More than 85% of TSG workers are DC residents, all registered on DOES. By entering into a first source agreement with TSG and IS, your company can account for each of our DC resident workers on your first source report. Using Tsg for your use of work solution is a low risk for you (employees are on our payroll and insurance) and at the same time the best and most reliable way to fulfill your first source obligation. Strict notification requirements have been imposed to monitor recipients` efforts to comply with the first modified source law. From the beginning of a project or contract to the completion of construction and the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, recipients must submit monthly compliance reports to IS.

These include information on the number of employees recruited to work on a project, the number of jobs created, the number of employees transferred by other positions, the number of jobs listed with IS, the direct and indirect costs of project or contract work, the number of district residents hired for the reference period, and the social security number, the name of the position, the date of recruitment and the source of recommendation for all new recruitments.

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