Design and implementation of sustainable development programs using permaculture as a guiding methodology
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Permaculture loses another Pioneer ~ Ali Shariff

Feeling sad remembering another fallen Permaculture thorny pioneer Ali Shariff who passed away this week in South Africa. Ali was a real permaculture hero, his entire life was dedicated to developing permaculture in the Americas and Africa. I … Full Story

Rest in Peace Bill Mollison the Father of Permaculture 1928 to 2016

Rest in Peace Bill Mollison, the co-founder of the global Permaculture movement, an ecological design system that provides the framework for humanity to co-exist harmoniously with nature. He coined the term permaculture which has its roots in permanent … Full Story

The Finance Minister, Capital markets and the Developmental State

The firing of Nene as Minister of Finance and the resulting devaluation of the rand, government bonds and banks in South Africa in the past week have provided an interesting insight into the state of politics in South … Full Story

2015 Regional & International Shipping Costs

Afristar International and Southern Africa Shipping Revised pricing for International Shipping • 1 Poster R 100 or about $8.50 • 2 – 3 Posters R 125 or about $ 11 • 4 – 6 Posters R 150 or … Full Story

Discounted International Shipping

Discounted International Shipping Afristar is delighted to be able to offer reduced shipping charges for International Orders: 1 Poster R 75 or about $7.50 / 2 – 3 Posters R 100 or about $ 10 / 4 – … Full Story

Food for Thought DVD release

Afristar Foundation is releasing its latest educational documentary: Food for Thought – Schools Permaculture. Focusing on schools greening and permaculture initiatives in South Africa, Food for Thought gives a step-by-step approach to establishing a school permaculture system for … Full Story