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Cannabis The People’s Plant Movie & Poster

An exploration into Cannabis in South Africa and what it offers to humanity economically, socially and ecologically. The producers set out to ‘decolonise dagga’ with the intention of bringing the opportunities of this plant as an economic & social driver firmly into the national debate as an enabler for poverty alleviation and job creation.

Generously funded by the National Lottery Commission to showcase the role Cannabis can play as an economic and social driver, with the potential to provide jobs and a multitude of opportunities for food, fuel, fibre and medicine to the poor and unemployed of South Africa.

The film focuses on the modern uses of Cannabis and how this ancient crop has been reinvented to become a modern success story for agriculture, health care and economic development. We unpack and discover truths that have been proved in many parts of the world illustrating how Cannabis has become a wonder crop that can be grown on marginalised land with incredible results producing food, fuel, fibre, shelter, medicine, and creating unprecedented opportunities for rural regeneration.

This thought provoking story leaves the viewer wondering what is stopping South Africa adopting this plant as a unique mobiliser for job creation and a new value chain enabler to rapidly boost our shrinking agricultural economy.

Please contact us for public screenings or if anyone would like to make donations to support the development of more media.

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