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Ba Interline Baggage Agreements

Even the best business travel specialists will simply ask the GDS about the necessary trip instead of working backwards on a list. If the airline combination is possible on a transit ticket because there is an interline agreement, it appears on an incredibly long list that can be sorted in different ways. This article is so absurd. There is not much correct here and I wonder who you said correct. Line spacing and codeshare agreements (Codedhare is an extended interline agreement) define how a ticket (contract) is handled when 2 or more airlines are involved. A line spacing agreement is absolutely irrelevant for separate tickets. Conclusion and short version: No airline is required to check luggage on 2 separate tickets anyway. Never! Even if booked in the same itinerary!! If they do, it`s pure happiness and beyond what they should be doing. Due to the increase in commitments and all possible (EU) rules, airlines will insist even more strictly on 1 ticket, 1 contract, 1 commitment. Thank you very much! “Like all airlines that are part of oneworld, we currently check passengers and their luggage to their final destination, whenever their connections are booked under a booking code, PNR or booking reference. However, if a trip has multiple bookings for separate bookings, we cannot check the luggage.¬† agreements are things most travelers have never heard of, but they are valuable to understand.

They work completely differently from airline alliances and allow airlines that are not alliance partners to enter into agreements to transfer their baggage from one airline to another. Even if you had a list of all the airlines with which British Airways has interline agreements, you would have to comment on that list to indicate whether there were any exceptions that excluded certain routes and which ones were, if the agreement only covered cargo and possibly at what fare levels of interline bookings took place. . . .

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