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Amendment Agreement In Italiano

duration of the contract: duration of the contract; in some cases, the terms of the extension may be indicated (e.g. .B. “This agreement shall be continued for an additional year, unless [the other Party] is informed of it annually on 31 July” – “This agreement shall be renewed for a further year, unless [the counterparty] is notified otherwise before 31 July of each year”); To amend: term used to modify the contract by lawyers. Its name is the amendment. “A delivery agreement of €320 million over ten years has been signed with L.C Group.” “The agreement must have been freely aligned.” It can be invoked by Duress or undue influence.” First of all, it should be stressed that agreements and contracts are not synonymous. While the agreement means “agreement” and even “contract”, the contract simply means “contract”. Contract must therefore be considered as a subset of agreements. In Anglo-American law, the contract is reduced to a “binding and binding contract (link) between the contracting parties”. “contract is an agreement between two or more parties for the creation, modification or erasure of legal relations” – must be concluded by mutual agreement (by mutual agreement); When it comes to a provisional contract and a final contract, the latter is called a “Final Agreement”. “The purpose of the agreement must not be illegal or contrary to public policy.” Termination terms: provisions relating to early termination of the contract; (z.B.: “This Agreement may be terminated by both Parties, who are not known in writing to the other Party for less than six months” – “the Agreement may be terminated by any Party by written notice of at least six months in advance”; To annull / to make void / to set aside: cancel the cancellation of a contract or legal relationship. Service: the fulfilment of a contractual obligation of its own must be understood. – must have a legitimate purpose (Proper Subject-Matter); For example, a contract to kill a person for a cash tax is considered “void ab initio”; Form of a contract: form of contract (e.g.

B in writing). “The parties must be legally able to enter into a contract.” To exercise a right: exercise a right. The passive form is, for example, “a right exercised by one of the parties” – “the right is exercised by one of the parties”. . Confidentiality: confidentiality (e.g. B on certain commercial information); payment terms: payment terms; limitation of liability: “any” limitation of liability (if considered lawful); HEADINGS: Can mean “title or points of a contract or agreement”.. . . .

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