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Acceptable Use Agreement Example

For example, Darwin Gray contains this brief statement at the beginning of its Acceptable Use Policy: You want customers to understand that your Acceptable Use Policy is just one of the contracts they must accept before doing business with you. So combine the directive on the acceptable use of your other agreements. As a typical example, acceptable use policies protect businesses from certain complaints from their customers whose accounts may have been terminated for abuse of online corporate resources or abuse of inside information. In short, an acceptable use guideline is a must for online businesses. It helps end users maintain responsible and risk-averse behaviors online. There are essential parts of an AUP that are found in different applications. A standard acceptable use directive includes an introduction, a definition of terms, a directive statement, acceptable uses, unacceptable uses, infringements and penalties. The UPA should affect rights, obligations, privileges and restrictions. Determine the territorial, national or national laws applicable to your contractual agreement. This means that you and your customers know what laws should be enforced if a dispute ever arises. Be sure to take all appropriate steps to obtain active consent from your users so that your acceptable use policy is enforceable.

These two points come together. What for? Because it is possible to get the agreement where you denounce the directive. Let`s look at some examples to show what we hear.

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