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2008 Ceasefire Agreement Georgia

The war eliminated Georgia`s short-term prospects of NATO membership. [76] [270] Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said in November 2011 that NATO would have accepted former Soviet republics if Russia had not attacked Georgia. “If you… In 2008, the geopolitical situation would be different,” Medvedev told officers at a military base in Vladikavka. Sarkozy negotiated the agreement with Medvedev and Saakashvili. The sixth point was added at the request of the Georgian head of state. Saakashvili had initially referred to discussions on the “future status” of his separatist provinces and stressed these remarks. Medvedev agreed by phone, but Saakashvili later held out of it. Moscow said it was ultimately “the people” to decide.

On 12 August 2008, Georgia announced that it was leaving the Commonwealth of Independent States, which it took to be responsible for the non-prevention of the war. His departure came into effect in August 2009. [302] After the ceasefire agreement, Stratfor states that Russia “has largely destroyed Georgia`s ability to fight.” [338] Following the signing of the ceasefire in Georgia on 12 August, Russian troops attempted to confiscate and destroy Georgian armament, a process described as the “demilitarization of georgian armed forces” by the letter from Moscow. [7] Most of the weapons casualties were sustained after the ceasefire. [339] Separatists in South Ossetia began firing intensely at Georgian villages on 1 August. This led the Georgian peacekeepers and soldiers in the area to surrender the fire. [32] [33] [34] [35] [126] [127] Grenades and mortar fire were exchanged on the night of August 1-2. The total number of victims of Ossetia was six, and the total number of wounded now stood at fifteen, including several civilians; The Georgian victims were six wounded civilians and one policeman wounded. [124] According to the OSCE mission, the incident was the worst outbreak of violence since 2004. [128] On August 2 and August 3 and 4, the fire resumed in the night. [128] A 1992 ceasefire agreement was violated by Ossetian artillery fire. [37] “We are not against international peacekeeping forces,” the Russian president said.

“But the problem is that the Abkhazians and Ossetians trust no one but the Russian peacekeeping forces.” He also took the agreement between Washington and Warsaw on the missile shield and said that the shield was directed at Iran “fairy tales” According to scientist Martin Malek, Western countries felt that there was no need to exacerbate tensions with Russia over the “small and insignificant” Georgia.

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